Helping Aussie Businesses Compete and Grow

May 11, 2021

Helping Aussie Businesses Compete and Grow

May 11, 2021

Helping Aussie Businesses Compete and Grow

When thinking of SME Lending, it is vital to understand the Alternative Funding Options Available in The Market.

This is where having a Parentship with Industry Specialists may benefit you and your SME Clients.

This Case Study Highlights the value of working with Commercial Lending Specialists.

The scenario:

A Small Australian Business is an importer of goods from Malaysia and supplied to a small number of key clients in Australia.

Due to a lack of equity in real estate, the company had a small debtor finance facility to enable cash flow to be smoothed.

The current supplier arrangement was 30% upfront on order and the balance needed to be paid before the goods were shipped.

The business had the opportunity to tender for a large contract to supply a similar product to the Defence Force.

Unfortunately, the current debtor finance provider’s cost and complexity were prohibitive, and the existing facility was disclosed to the debtors.

The customer sought an overall finance solution to enable the company to tender for the Defense Force Contract and Grow significantly confidently.


The Tailored Solution:

We obtained an indicative approval for a new Increased Undisclosed Debtor Finance Facility of up to $2m

The Client won and delivered on the Defense Force Contract with confidence.

The new Debtor Finance limit had lower costs, and the technology was more user friendly.

We negotiated a trade finance facility to cover the cost of purchasing some of the stock from Malaysia for up to $1m.

The Client could also negotiate more favourable terms with the existing supplier based on the trade finance arrangement.

Ultimately, the Client’s Business grew, and The Accounting Firm’s revenue grew with the Client’s requirements for additional accounting services.

A Win-Win, as they say!! Please contact us for more information or help on your specific scenarios

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