VFACTS: August 2021 Vehicle Numbers Continue to Grow

September 21, 2021

VFACTS: August 2021 Vehicle Numbers Continue to Grow

September 21, 2021

VFACTS: August 2021 Vehicle Numbers Continue to Grow

New car sales grew 33.1 per cent during August despite the two most populous states – New South Wales and Victoria – being stuck in lockdowns, and semiconductor-related supply shortages lingering like a bad smell.

Industry data VFACTS shows that 81,199 new cars were counted as sold in August compared to 60,986 in a disastrous August 2020. The year-to-date (YTD) tally sits at 732,828 sales, which is the highest tally at this point since 2018.

This is excellent news for the auto industry, on the caveat that supply and demand are in a strange flux due to covid. This means that vehicle lead times have been pushed out, with vehicles in the second-hand market being sold for much higher than their median value. The team at DFS has a dedicated car sourcing team that will do the hard work of finding the specific car you are after.


Toyota’s sales spiked more than 60 per cent as big gains from the Corolla (+2099 sales), Hilux 4×4 (+2388) and Prado (+2237) more than offset a supply-led decrease in RAV4 sales (-1656).

Mazda sat comfortably in second with 7645 sales, up 10.5 per cent.

Rounding out the podium was Kia on 5065 (up 12 per cent), with the brand narrowly eclipsing Ford (5058, up 29.8 per cent), its majority owner Hyundai (5016, up 10.9 per cent), and Mitsubishi (4802, up 11.5 per cent).

Year-to-date, Kia (48,161) is nipping at the heels of its big brother Hyundai (48,712).

Completing the top 10 brands list were Volkswagen (3793, up 36.2 per cent), Subaru (3232, up 57.5 per cent), Isuzu Ute (3099, up 290.3 per cent despite substantial supply problems), and MG (3011, up 147.4 per cent).

Other manufacturers that grew their sales more than the market average of 27.4 per cent included Chinese brands GWM Haval (1824, up a whopping 405.3 per cent) and LDV (1141, up 74.5 per cent).

Other brands that experienced strong growth included Skoda (up 33.7 per cent), Lexus (up 67.3 per cent), Land Rover (up 118.1 per cent), Ram (up 44.5 per cent), SsangYong (up 111.3 per cent), Mini (up 48.0 per cent), Peugeot (up 34.7 per cent), Jaguar (up 136.7 per cent), and Genesis (up 257.1 per cent).

The battle between the major luxury brands went: Mercedes-Benz (excluding vans) 1905, BMW on 1578, and Audi with 1143.

Manufacturers that witnessed sales declines included Mercedes-Benz (down 6.9 per cent), Nissan (down 9.2 per cent), Suzuki (down 9.0 per cent), Honda (down 36.0 per cent in the second month under its new fixed-price agency model), Volvo Car (down 3.3 per cent), and Alfa Romeo (down 28.9 per cent).

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